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Visit us in Heavilon Hall 226, Purdue University, West Lafayette campus.

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Summer 2018 Hours

Heavilon 226

Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

**The Writing Lab will be closed May 3-13.**

Purdue Writing Lab Satellite Locations and Hours

Summer 2018

No satellite locations open during Summer 2018.

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Writing Lab Annual Reports

The Writing Lab's annual report contains information and statistics about Writing Lab and Online Writing Lab (OWL) use, clients, special projects, and research in a given academic year.

A brief snapshot of the current year's report is below, but you can also download the complete 2016-2017 annual report as a PDF. Copies of past reports, the Writing Lab's strategic plan, and annual English as a Second Language (ESL) reports can also be found below.

2016-2017 Summary

The Purdue Writing Lab Annual Report for May 16, 2016, to May 6, 2017, describes the Lab’s services, users, staff responsibilities, research, and engagement. The Writing Lab and its 17 graduate and 33 undergraduate tutors served the Purdue West Lafayette campus at four locations: Heavilon Hall and three satellites. The main location and satellites of the Writing Lab were used over 6,963 times by 2,427 individual clients. Users of in-Lab consultations came from more than 50 countries. The Lab also maintained Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) website, which served 410,859,775 pageviews worldwide. The Writing Lab expanded services to multilingual writers and continued outreach to all university writers. Writing Lab staff were involved in 10 conference presentations and 1 publication this year.

Here is a brief summary listing the numbers of consultations and other services provided over the past year.


Heavilon Hall Writing Lab

Number of total visits:  5,569 visits (up 13%)

ESL Conversation Groups: 864 visits (up 124%)

In-Lab/In-Class Workshops:  11 workshops attended by 228 students

Remote lab tours:  6 sessions

In-lab tours for ICaP classes:  109 sessions


Mechanical Engineering Building Satellite Lab

One-to-one consultations: 127 sessions (up 2%)

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education Library Satellite Writing Lab

One-to-one consultations:  77 sessions


Latino Cultural Center Satellite Writing Lab 

One-to-one consultations:  98 sessions (up 56%)

Online Consultations

During the Maymester and Module 2/3 sessions of summer 2016, the Writing Lab piloted two kinds of virtual tutoring: e-tutoring (asynchronous) and online tutoring (synchronous). During the 2016-2017 academic year, these tutoring options were offered by 19 tutors. These tutors provided 786 total digital consultations – 615 e-tutoring sessions and 171 online sessions, accounting for 14% of the Heavilon Hall tutorial sessions. Virtual consultations are not offered at the evening satellite locations. As shown in Figure 2 on Page 6, synchronous online tutoring allows a tutor and client to communicate via a text chat box and shared workspace. Asynchronous e-tutoring allows a tutor to review and make comments on a client’s document and send it back to the student via email at the end of the appointment. Online and e-tutoring widen the reach of the Writing Lab by improving its accessibility to clients for whom a physical, on-campus visit is difficult, including nontraditional students, distancelearning students, and students with mobility concerns. Users of e-tutoring and online tutoring include, for example, Purdue students who are engaged in international travel and off-campus internships.


Online Writing Lab

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the OWL provided 410,859,775 pageviews, a 38.4% increase from the previous year. The Purdue OWL has seen a steady upward trend in its usage, but 2016-2017 saw a significant jump. Should this trend continue, the OWL is on pace to exceed half a billion pageviews by 2020.

The OWL serves writers globally. Outside of the United States, the highest number of pageviews come from Canada, Great Britain, the Philippines, China, and Hong Kong. The OWL pages on APA and MLA citation remain the most highly-used; other popular pages include grammar and ESL materials, professional writing and business writing documents, resources on avoiding plagiarism, and resources for general writing concerns. The Purdue OWL’s workshop materials and PowerPoint presentations are also very popular.

The OWL supports a YouTube channel with 54 videos. Topics include citation styles, writing strategies, grammatical concepts, and preparing for successful Writing Lab visits. Video development on the OWL’s YouTube channel has been a key piece in the OWL’s developing approach to accessibility, and all videos on the YouTube channel include closed captioning. The OWL is exploring options for audio description, which would provide blind or low vision users with a voiceover describing visuals.

New accessibility initiatives include testing OWL pages for screen reader compatibility, evaluating the site for compliance with web accessibility standards, and posting a web accessibility statement (currently in progress) that would set the OWL’s policy and goals for accessibility and encourage users to provide feedback. The OWL staff is exploring additional ways to incorporate user testing into our accessibility efforts.


Previous Years' Annual Reports

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Writing Lab Strategic Plan

The Writing Lab completed a strategic plan in 2014, which connects the goals outlined in our mission statement to specific activities and plans.

ESL & Online Writing Lab (OWL) Reports

ESL Reports

2016-2017 ESL Report (PDF)

2015-2016 ESL Report (PDF)

2014-2015 ESL Report (PDF)

2013-2014 ESL Report (PDF)

2012-2013 ESL Report (PDF)

OWL Reports

1997-1998 Purdue OWL Report (PDF)

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