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Purdue OWL Art


This page contains OWL art from appreciative Purdue OWL users who have been kind enough to share their work by sending us their artist trading cards. If you would like to create something OWL-related and submit it to us, please do so. While we can't guarantee that your work will be posted, we will review all OWL art submitted and consider adding it to our OWL collection here. Thank you!

Contributors:Allen Brizee
Last Edited: 2010-04-25 09:08:26

All art is protected by copyright of the individual artists and may not be used or recreated in any way without permission.

If you would like to submit your OWL art, please mail it to this address:

Purdue Writing Lab


Department of English

Heavilon Hall

500 Oval Drive

Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907-2038


This image shows an OWL (the bird) in a tree writing on a piece of paper at night.

Image Caption: Late Night Tasks Never End by Annie Queen

This picture shows an owl (the bird) sitting on a tree branch looking back over its left wing.

Image Caption: Symbolic Barn Owl by Chella Reaves

This picture shows an owl (the bird) wearing glasses looking front on at the viewer.

Image Caption: Untitled by Sophia

This picture shows an extreme closeup of an owl's (the bird) face, accentuating the large eyes.

Image Caption: Owl Eyes by Sandy Broschat

This picture shows an owl (the bird) surrounded by colorful, swirling images.

Image Caption: Dreaming Owl by Dana Driscoll

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