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How to Use the OWL


These pages will help you learn about the features of the OWL at Purdue site, including printing, requesting copies, linking, reporting errors/problems, and navigating this website.

Contributors:Karl Stolley, Allen Brizee
Last Edited: 2018-03-23 03:15:28

There are many features of the Purdue OWL. Learn all about using them here; you can find answers to common questions about the OWL at our FAQ

The Toolbar

Most of the functionality of OWL pages can be controlled through the toolbar at the bottom of OWL pages.

Example of the OWL toolbar, which appears as a list of links to imageless browsers.

Image Caption: Each of these icons has a specific function, which you can learn about below.

The toolbar appears on all OWL writing and Engagement resources, and allows you to:

Printing OWL Resources

All pages on the OWL are printable (and actually look nothing like the pages you see on screen—but work well as printed documents).

Example of Icon for Print Resource (appears as link text to imageless browsers).

Image Caption: Clicking this icon will assemble all sections of a handout for one-click printing.

However, because our longer handouts are broken up over multiple pages for easy viewing and linking (and more precise search results), we offer a way to view all of a resource's sections at once for one-click printing. When you print off a copy, you must include the full legal notice that appears at the resource's end.

Unfortunately, we're not currently offering PDFs of our material. Users may, of course, make their own PDFs for personal use—though we do not allow reposting of our content in any electronic form.

Requesting to Copy OWL Resources

The Purdue OWL is meant to help teachers and students. While we strongly encourage you to link to OWL rather than print off material, we understand that there are situations where printed copies are required.

Example of Icon for Requesting to Copy OWL Materials (appears as link text to imageless browsers).

Image Caption: Clicking this icon will open an email form to request making multiple copies of a handout.

In most cases (unless you're requesting more than 200 copies or are charging participants for a workshop or some similar event), you may photocopy OWL materials for free. However, we ask that you please contact us for one-time permission to do so.

When you photocopy OWL resources, you must include the full legal notice that appears at the resource's end. Remember that we do NOT allow any reposting of our content, in original or modified forms, in any electronic format. See our Fair Use Policy for additional details.

Linking to OWL Resources

Linking to OWL and OWL resources is absolutely free and encouraged!

Example of Icon for Linking to OWL (appears as link text to imageless browsers).

Image Caption: Clicking this icon will open an email form to tell OWL Staff when you link to a page.

However, we do like hearing from users about the pages they're linking to—keeping numbers on this type of activity helps us to demonstrate the worth of OWL to the world community. Our contact form also allows you to include the URL of the page you're linking to us from—just because we enjoy seeing the kinds of sites instructors, students, and others are building that link to OWL.

Offering Feedback on the OWL and Reporting Errors

We value your feedback on the Purdue OWL. Please send your comments and suggestions to the Purdue OWL Coordinator here. Report technical issues to the Purdue OWL Webmaster here.

Still have questions? Contact the OWL staff.

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