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Contributors:Dana Lynn Driscoll.

Provides information and examples on parallel structure in business documents.

Parallel Structure in Professional Writing

It is important to be consistent in your wording in professional writing, particularly in employment documents; this is called parallelism. When you are expressing ideas of equal weight in your writing, parallel sentence structures can echo that fact and offer you a writing style that uses balance and rhythm to help deliver your meaning. You can use parallel structure in any kind of writing that you do, whether that writing is on or off the job. We also have another handout that has more general information about parallel structure.

Here are some examples that demonstrate how to implement parallelism in preparing employment documents. When you're done reviewing them, try the practice exercise at the bottom.

My degree, my work experience, and ability to complete complicated projects qualify me for the job.

My degree, my work experience, and my ability to complete complicated projects qualify me for the job.




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