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Exercise : Writing Numbers Exercise

Write the correct answer for each sentence, using either words to spell out the numbers (thirty-one) or numerals where appropriate (31). Write a C if the sentence is correct as is.

  1. ___ 351 people attended the performance.
  2. ___ There were one hundred and thirty-five pieces in the puzzle.
  3. ___ Class started at eight-thirty A.M. in Room Twenty.
  4. ___ In the sixties there were sit-ins at 100's of colleges.
  5. ___ Every afternoon at two o'clock the chimes rang.
  6. ___ The stock deal, which involved $4.5 billion, paid a twelve and a half percent dividend.
  7. ___ The Lafayette television station is Channel Eighteen.
  8. ___ They needed eight ten-foot poles for the construction.
  9. ___ The vote was 126 in favor of the action and only sixteen opposed.
  10. ___ The assignment was to read chapter 6, pages 31-39.
  11. ___ Only fifty percent of high school students go on to college.
  12. ___ We were assigned a report of about 10 pages in length.

Answer: Writing Numbers Exercise

In the answers below, C means that the sentence is correct as is.

  1. Three hundred fifty-one
  2. 135
  3. 8:30 A.M.
  4. hundreds
  5. C
  6. 12.5
  7. 18
  8. C
  9. 16
  10. C
  11. 50
  12. ten
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