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Exercise : EI/IE Spelling Rules Exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the correctly spelled words.

1. There are (eight, ieght) candles on the cake.

2. I have not (recieved, received) a letter since Saturday.

3. Have you ever been on a (sleigh, sliegh) ride?

4. Her (neice, niece) is going to come to (grief, greif).

5. She (shrieked, shreiked) in surprise when he dropped the ice cube down her back.

6. Drop that silver, you (theif, thief)!

7. He's the most (conceited, concieted) man I know.

8. I don't (beleive, believe) he is so (conceited, concieted).

9. As he was dying, the (cheif, chief) asked for a (preist, priest).

10. Leave the mouse a (peice, piece) of cheese.

11. Brevity is the soul of wit; therefore, be (breif, brief).

12. The (freight, frieght) train woke the (nieghbors, neighbors) .

Answer: EI/IE Spelling Rules Exercise 1

1. eight

2. received

3. sleigh

4. niece

5. grief

6. shrieked

7. thief

8. conceited

9. believe

10. conceited

11. chief

12. priest

13. piece

14. brief

15. freight

16 .neighbors

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