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Exercise : Sentence Clarity 2

Circle the nominalization


1. applicability                           applicator                     applicable

2. fear                                      afraid                           feared

3. excite                                   exciting                        excitement


Change these nominalizations back into their noun or adjective form

4. reaction

5. suggestion

6. belief


Rewrite the sentence so that there is a nominalization

7. His analysis was that the different fish in the sea were healthy.

8. I can’t believe I failed at this contest.

9. Did you see that they are expanding the dining hall?

Answer: Sentence Clarity 2

1. applicability

2. fear

3. excitement

4. react/reacting

5. suggest/suggested

6. believe/believed

7. He analyzed the different fish in the sea, and they were healthy.

8. I can’t believe that my contest was a failure.

9. Did you see the expansion of the dining hall?

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