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Exercise : Sentence Clarity 1

Circle the nominalization:

1. intention                             intent                           intend

2. disagreed                            disagree                       disagreement

3. exploration                          exploratory                   explore


Change these nominalizations back into their noun or adjective form:

4. discussion

5. analysis

6. conclusion

Rewrite the sentence so that there is no nominalization:


7. I completed the test with much difficulty.

8. She made the suggestion that we go out to dinner.

9. Sara has a great collection of butterflies.

Answer: Sentence Clarity 1

1. intention

2. disagreement

3. exploration

4. discuss/discussed

5. analyze/analytical

6. conclude

7. The test was difficult (for me) to complete.

8. She suggested that we go out to dinner.

9. Sara collects butterflies. 

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