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Exercise : Tense Consistency Exercise 2

Completing Sentences

Complete these sentences, using the tense suggested.

1. We stand patiently, hoping that ____________________. (use future tense)

2. Advertisers seem to believe that ______________________. (use present tense)

3. By the time the fog lifted, ___________________________. (use past perfect tense)

4. We will leave for Florida as soon as __________________. (use present tense)

5. One student keeps repeating what __________________. (use present perfect tense)

6. Yesterday our track team competed in a meet that ___________________. (use past tense)

7. Before the crew paves a driveway, they always ____________________. (use present tense [habitual action])

8. Before the crew paves the driveway, they ______________________. (use future tense [one-time action])

9. By the time the letter arrives, _____________________. (use future perfect tense)

10. When the final report is published, _____________________. (use future tense)


Answer: Tense Consistency Exercise 2

Many answers are possible for this exercise. However, we are providing two sentences here to show a sample of what you could have written.

1. We stand patiently, hoping that change will occur. (use future tense)

2. Advertisers seem to believe that consumers blindly purchase whatever they see in TV commercials. (use present tense)

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