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Exercise : -ible and -able Spelling Exercise 1

In the following paragraph there are fourteen words ending with -ible or -able, some of which are misspelled. Read the paragraph, locate the misspelled words and write the correct spellings in the space provided below the paragraph.

Most people thought that Michael, an eligable bachelor, was an adorable, personible man. Mattie, however, found him detestable. Some time ago, Michael promised to take Mattie to a fashionible restaurant for a remarkible dinner. As horrable as it sounds, Michael took Mattie to the local McDonald's. Most of the food there was either inedable or undigestable. Mattie was as irritable as possable when she told her roommates about her terrible date. "Whoever finally marries that contemptable Michael," Mattie said, "is certainly not going to be in an enviable position."

After printing the exercise, write the correct spellings below:






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