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Exercise : EI/IE Spelling Rules Exercise 2

1. I have to (beleive, believe) to (acheive, achieve).

2. Look at that spider on the (ceiling, cieling).

3. Judson could not (conceive, concieve) of such treachery.

4. (Weigh, Wiegh) your produce at the register.

5. The shower was a (releif, relief) after the hot day.

6. The blood in my (veins, viens) ran cold at the sight of King Kong.

7. I'll need a (receipt, reciept) for this purchase.

8. Did you (perceive, percieve) how Jan (yeilded, yielded) the floor to Tom?

9. The battle was fought during the (reign, riegn) of Ethelred the Unready.

10. How could he have (deceived, decieved) us as he did?

11. He packed a toothbrush in a bandana and hopped a (frieght, freight) train.

12. That (peice, piece) of limburger cheese really smells!

13. Joe may be a dope, but he's no (feind, fiend).

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