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Answer : Commas after Introductions Exercise 1

A. If the following sentences are correctly punctuated with introductory commas, mark a C on the line to the left of the sentence. If there is an error, put an X on the line and circle the error. Do you know why each sentence is correct or incorrect? Correct responses are in bold.

_X_ 1. As the boat turned about a dozen dolphins began to follow it.

missing comma after introductory clause ending with turned

_C_ 2. Since we moved into town, our fuel bill has tripled.

correct use of comma after introductory clause

_X_ 3. Having chosen nursing as a career Susan enrolled in many science courses.

missing comma after introductory participial phrase ending with career

_C_ 4. Usually, I have time to eat breakfast.

correct use of comma after introductory adverb

_C_ 5. From outside the twelve-mile fishing limits off the coast of Maine, a strange phenomenon has been reported.

correct use of comma after combination of prepositional phrases

_X_ 6. When he was in high school he was known only as an athlete.

missing comma after introductory clause ending with school

_C_ 7. Before you decide what courses to take, you should consider the amount of work you are willing to do.

correct use of comma after introductory clause

_X_ 8. Nevertheless I do not want to meet him.

missing comma after introductory transitional word Nevertheless

B. Add introductory commas where they are needed in the following sentences. Can you identify whether the introductory element, if any, is a clause, phrase, or word? If it is a phrase, what kind of phrase is it?

____ 1. To give Jane a good look at the university, Mr. Benson drove up for the Day on Campus.

____ 2. Since the dog had started to run a way, we had to scramble to catch him.

____ 3. Of course, the movie that I had rushed to see didn't start on time.

__X__ 4. Her secondhand car was in excellent condition when she bought it.

____ 5. As I mentioned, the rules can be broken occasionally.

____ 6. Having decided to eat only natural foods, he had to give up all of his favorite junk food snacks.

____ 7. To estimate the costs, he consulted a repairman by phone.

__X__ 8. To succeed in politics is not necessarily desirable.

____ 9. Making up his mind quickly Jared ordered lasagna while we were still reading the menu.

__X__ 10. However he tried to use the bottle opener it wouldn't work.


C. Write your own sentences with introductory elements, and punctuate them correctly.

Answers will vary.

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