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Answer : Comma Exercise 3

Correct answers are in bold. 

1. The problems involved in this operation are, I think, numerous.

2. Celene, who does not usually tell anyone what she feels, said she didn't want to go to the dance.

3. To get tickets for some Broadway musicals, one has to order three months in advance.

4. Listening to the radio, Jun heard an announcement that Spangler, his own dog, was lost.

5. I used to live at 16689 Sutton Avenue, Milpitas, California, but we have since moved to 1895 Holland Way, Dubuque, Iowa.

6. The Valley of the Moon, the name of a section in Napa County, California, is the heart of the state's wine producing area.

7. Chris did not see how he could organize, write, and proofread this paper in only two hours.

8. By the pilings of the old pier, I found four starfish, a clam, and a sea anemone.

9. Yes, Helen did mention that all three of you were coming for lunch.

10. I believe, therefore, that fraternities are good influences on a college campus.

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