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Exercise : Tense Consistency Exercise 2

Completing Sentences

Complete these sentences, using the tense suggested.

1. We stand patiently, hoping that ____________________. (use future tense)

2. Advertisers seem to believe that ______________________. (use present tense)

3. By the time the fog lifted, ___________________________. (use past perfect tense)

4. We will leave for Florida as soon as __________________. (use present tense)

5. One student keeps repeating what __________________. (use present perfect tense)

6. Yesterday our track team competed in a meet that ___________________. (use past tense)

7. Before the crew paves a driveway, they always ____________________. (use present tense [habitual action])

8. Before the crew paves the driveway, they ______________________. (use future tense [one-time action])

9. By the time the letter arrives, _____________________. (use future perfect tense)

10. When the final report is published, _____________________. (use future tense)


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