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Exercise : Prepositions of Direction: To, On (to), In (to)

Complete the following sentences with the correct preposition:

to, toward, on, onto, in, or into. Some sentences may have more than one possible correct answer. Remember that a few verbs of motion take only "on" rather than "onto."

1. Anna has returned ______ her home town.

2. The dog jumped ______ the lake.

3. Are the boys still swimming ______ the pool?

4. Thomas fell ______ the floor.

5. The plane landed ______ the runway.

6. We drove _____ the river for an hour but turned north before we reached it.

7. The kids climbed ______ the monkey bars.

8. Joanna got ______ Fred's car.

9. The baby spilled his cereal ______ the floor.

10. We cried to the man on the ladder, "Hang ______!"

11. I went ______ the gym.

12. Matthew and Michelle moved the table ______ the dining room.

13. Allan left your keys ______ the table.

14. Dr. Karper apologized for interrupting us and told us to carry ______ with our discussion.

15. I walk ______ the amusement park.

16. Pat drove Mike ______ the airport.

17. Glenn almost fell ______ the river.

18. The waitress noticed that there was no more Diet Pepsi ______ Marty's glass.

19. Lee and Sarah took the bus that was heading ______ the university.

20. Mary Sue jumped ______ the stage and danced.

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