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GED Practice

This resource was written by Jaclyn Wells.
Last edited by Jaclyn Wells on November 5, 2013 .


These resources contain practice for multiple choice questions, and they contain the GED essay game.

Practice for GED Language Arts, Writing

This resource has practice questions for Part I of the GED Language Arts, Writing Test (the multiple-choice section). All of the questions are like the ones you will have to answer on the GED (all practice questions are based on the 202 GED series). This resource is divided into the four subject areas tested by this part of the GED: organization, sentence structure, usage, and mechanics. At the end of each group of questions are answers and explanations, and suggested resources. 

This resource also contains the GED essay game, which will help you practice for Part II of the GED Language Arts, Writing Test (the essay). The game takes you through the process of writing a complete GED essay. As you go through the game, pay attention to the areas that are most difficult for you.

A note for GED test-takers

As with all CWEST resources, you should use these practice resources in any way that works for you. One strategy is to use them to evaluate your current areas of strength and weakness. Doing so can help you create a plan for what subject areas of the GED Writing Test you most need to study.

Below is a possible study plan using these practice questions, the GED game, and other CWEST resources.

  1. Answer the practice questions and complete the GED essay game as best you can.
  2. Check your answers, noting your strongest and weakest areas. Also note the areas in the game that were most difficult for you.
  3. Read the explanations for all practice questions and note the suggested CWEST resources. Note the essay resources that relate to areas that you struggled with while going through the essay game.
  4. Study the suggested resources, spending the most time on your weakest areas. Many of the CWEST resources also include relevant exercises, so you can get even more practice. 

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