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1.2: Comma Splices

This resource was written by Jaclyn M. Wells.
Last edited by Allen Brizee on August 7, 2009 .

This page deals with comma splices.

Comma Splices

Comma splices are similar to run-on sentences because they also incorrectly connect independent clauses. A comma splice occurs when two independent clauses are connected with only a comma. As with a run-on sentence, there are a few different ways to correct a comma splice. Consider the following sentence and the revised versions that follow it.

Comma Splice: My family bakes together nearly every night, we then get to enjoy everything we make together.

The comma splice has been corrected by breaking the sentence into two separate sentences.

The comma splice has been corrected by adding a coordinating conjunction and a comma.

The comma splice has been corrected by adding a subordinating conjunction and a comma.

Comma Splice Exercise

The following sentences are comma splices. For each sentence, suggest two possible revisions.

Click here for exercise answers.

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