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Contact the Purdue OWL and Writing Lab Staff

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OWL Mail Tutors - OWL Mail Tutors

Do you have a short writing-related question? Please note that OWL Mail tutors are unable to look at entire papers.

Please note: OWL Mail responses may be delayed as we have switched over to summer staffing levels. 

Before submitting a question to OWL Mail, please review our OWL Mail Policies FAQs. If you have a general writing question, please check our OWL Mail General Writing FAQs before you submit your question. If your question pertains to the use of MLA style and/or citation, please check our OWL Mail MLA FAQs before you submit your question. If your question pertains to the use of APA style and/or citation, please check our OWL MAIL APA FAQs before you submit your question.


OWL Coordinator - Daniel Kenzie

Have a question about OWL content or copyrights? The OWL Coordinator manages the content development of the OWL, handles requests for copyrights and other OWL-related questions, and works with other Writing Lab coordinators on OWL-related projects. Feel free to contact OWL Coordinator with OWL feedback, suggestions, and requests for usage.


OWL Webmaster - Tony Bushner

Please note: Due to recent infrastructure/back-end maintenance, there will be a slight delay in receiving responses to Webmaster messages. 

Have a question about the technical aspects of the OWL? The Purdue OWL Webmaster is in charge of all online services brought to you by the OWL. Please use the contact form below for inquiries regarding the technology behind the OWL, technical problems, and online accessability support.


Associate Director - Tammy Conard-Salvo

Do you have questions about the Purdue Writing Lab? Contact our associate director with questions about the Purdue Writing Lab in general and about undergraduate tutor training resources.

Director - Harry Denny

Do you have questions about the Purdue Writing Lab? Contact our director with questions about the Purdue Writing Lab and about how it can collaborate on research, community engagement, and enhancing teaching and learning.

Writing Lab Workshop Coordinator - Ellery Sills

Do you want to plan an in-class workshop for your students? Contact the Writing Lab's workshop coordinator. If you know the topic of the workshop you plan on requesting, you may also fill out our Writing Workshop Request Form.

The workshop coordinator organizes and staffs the in-lab and in-class workshops. The in-lab workshops usually occur three times throughout the semester and deal with popular writing concerns, like documenting sources and writing resumes and cover letters. Instructors may schedule writing lab tutors to come in and give an in-class workshop. The workshop coordinator will receive such requests and schedule a tutor for that specific workshop. Please contact the Workshop Coordinator if you would like to schedule an in-class workshop or if you have any other questions on this service.

Please note the following:

Writing Lab ESL Coordinator - Vicki Kennell

Do you have a question about ESL conversation groups? Contact our ESL coordinator.

The ESL Coordinator updates and maintains ESL resource pages on the OWL and the in-lab library of ESL reference and self-study materials, guest lectures in training classes for writing consultants, responds to inquiries about ESL writing issues, and schedules and coordinates ESL conversation groups hosted by the Writing Lab. If you have any questions about the ESL services offered by the Writing Lab, please contact our ESL Coordinator.

Please be very specific with your requests. Very general requests such as, I need help with writing may take longer to respond to. 

Please identify if you are from the Greater Lafayette Indiana area and if you are affiliated with Purdue University. This will ensure that we can effectively act on your request. 

Business Writing Coordinator - Jeff Gerding

Do you have a question about our business writing tutors or practicum? Contact our Business Writing Coordinator.

The Business Writing Coordinator teaches the Business Writing Consultant training practicum for potential consultants and advises current Business Writing Consultants on tutoring practice and workshop development. Feel free to contact this coordinator to provide feedback on Business Writing resources and services. For more information, contact our BWC Coordinator.

OWL Mail Coordinator - Priya Sirohi

Do you have questions or comments about our OWL Mail service? Contact our OWL Mail coordinator.

The OWL Mail coordinator is responsible for selecting, training, and supervising all OWL Mail consultants. The coordinator makes sure that all inquiries sent to the OWL Mail tutors are answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. If you should have any questions and/or concerns regarding an inquiry that was either sent or received from an OWL mail consultant or any questions regarding the services provided through OWL Mail, please feel free to contact the OWL Mail Coordinator.

You may also find some useful information in our OWL Mail Policies FAQs

ICaP-ENGL 106 Writing Lab Liaison - Patrick Love

Do you have a question about the Writing Lab's involvement with ENGL 106 classes? Contact our English 106/Writing Lab Liaison

The English 106/Writing Lab Liaison fosters the ongoing relationship between the Introductory Composition Program at Purdue (ICaP) and serves as a member of the Introductory Writing Committee. If you are an instructor and would like more information regarding the Writing Lab and its services, or if you are interested in collaborating with a writing consultant in the Lab, please contact English 106/Writing Lab Liaison

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